About Us

Born to create. Dare to be bold! STYL Cosmetics is known for their mesmerizing MINERAL-EYES™ eyeshadow that you may have seen featured on Insider Beauty! STYL Cosmetics stands for STYLES. THAT. YOU’LL. LOVE. We believe that developing your own STYL is the blue print to individuality and self expression. Dive into a dream with our 35 shade palettes that are sure to keep you busy all season round; or bring the drama with our MINERAL-EYES™ eyeshadows! Our MINERAL-EYES™ eyeshadows are made up of organic minerals, designed to bring you extreme drama with minimal effort & clean ingredients. Sensitive skin? No problem. Our MINERAL-EYES™ shadows are formulated without Talc, Parabens, Gluten, Oil & beyond.   

Since launching in 2016, you may have seen some of their stunning loose eyeshadow swatch videos go viral around the web hitting pages like INSIDER, VEGAN MAGAZINE, HIGH FASHION & beyond.  STYL Cosmetics was founded by a professional makeup artist, skincare specialist & esthetician. She began formulating her very own unique mineral based makeup, as well as skin care out of her home in 2016. As a traveling makeup artist, she began creating her own formula’s that are universal for all of her clients. In order for everybody of all skin types to enjoy her MINERAL-EYES™ eyeshadows, it was an important step to formulate them without Talc, Parabens, Gluten & beyond.  STYL Cosmetics is also 100% cruelty free and vegan. We pledge to never test our cosmetics on animals as makeup is meant for humans- not our furry friends! 

Enjoy our wide selection of MUA approved products at a rate that everybody can afford.  

Your style is limitless.